Bagllerina's concept

The Bagllerina are the essential of your wardrobe. Fold them in their leather pouch, slip them into your handbag ... and you’re ready to start your day peacefully.

Bagllerina is the first foldable ballerina made entirely of leather. The brand offers a wide selection of high quality ballerinas, easy to carry thanks both to their size and their weight. This smart accessory is made up of a pair of foldable leather ballerinas, a leather pouch and a nylon bag in which the taken off shoes are kept. They fold in half to help women in any daily situation, eliminating all worries related to comfort.

This fashion accessory, designed to make women’s lives more beautiful, combines brilliantly elegance and wellness. Carried anywhere with you, Bagllerina will delight more than one.

To satisfy all customers, Bagllerina proposes three different shapes.

The Daily is the most classic and covers an important part of the foot, the Gorgeous, more modern, reveals a little more the foot. And at last, the Liberty is a model without a lace around the ledge, for a simple but effective style.

Bagllerina Daily Bagllerina Gorgeous Bagllerina Liberty