What the media says about Bagllerina

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Ever since the early days of Bagllerina, as the brand launched its Carry-Over foldable ballerinas, this innovative accessory became a women’s wardrobe essential. The French and international press has cited them several times, while highlighting their distinctive features.

Here you may find some press quotes that will help find out more about this lifestyle accessory of women’s secret garden:

• A true swiss army knife of fashion to be slipped, within seconds, into a travel or a nylon bag, intended to store spare shoes.” —Showcase
• “Once you try them on, you will never be able to wear any other brand of ballerinas again…—Grazia
• “An innovation at the service of femininity”. —Madame Figaro
• “You can wear them and match all your wardrobe, and they'll make your feet look thinner.” —Marie Claire Maison
• “Parisians never give up being chic. Thank you, Bagllerina.” —ELLE
• “A working girl’s dream!” —Madame
• “Its beautiful, discreet, small, practical pouch.” —GRAZIA
• “These Parisian ballet flats are the most suitcase-friendly shoes ever” —Condé Nast Traveler
• “The right present for the right person.” —Vogue
• “The seduction of French charm.” —El Mundo
• “The must have!” —Vogue
• “Bagllerina has numerous styles suitable to every woman with simplicity and sophistication”. —Fashion Blog
• “They offer pretty leather ballet pumps which perfect the cutting edge of fashion with practical simplicity.—Sprezzatura
• “Bagllerina, your must-have accessory. From a job interview to a night out, it can go with you every day.” —ELLE
• “Foldable ballerinas that are as comfortable as they are attractive. It was an audacious challenge but brilliantly accomplished by the brand Bagllerina…”. —Lov Hotel Collection
• “An excellent concept that has not gone unnoticed by fashion experts.” —ELLE
• “It is always necessary to have a pair of Bagllerina in your handbag to relieve your feet hurt by high heels.” —La Parisienne
• “It’s ‘the’ ballerina to always have in your handbag ‘just in case’…” —L’Express Styles
• “Comfort and well-being combine to meet fashion’s demands.” —Madame
• “A ballerina that allows you to take your high heels off in the blink of an eye while staying elegant all day.” —Le Point
• “The Bagllerina, a wardrobe essential. Fold it in its pouch and slip it into your handbag. And there you go, you’re ready for your tough days!” —BIBA