The Bagllerina's distinctive features

Les traits distinctifs de la Bagllerina

Created in 2011, the Bagllerina (ballerina in the bag) is the first foldable ballerina made of 100% leather, designed for women’s well-being and elegance. It’s the ideal fashion accessory for daily commute and trips. It is handmade and stands out for its high-quality materials, a cut sole, adjustable laces and two vamp cuts.

A cut sole

Registered in France and overseas, the exclusive design of our foldable sole —articulating at the level of the foot arch— ensures great walking ergonomics. This sole, entirely made of leather, avoids tension in the ankle and provides great mobility, comfort and freedom. Its saddle stitch, a traditional way to sew leather by hand, subtly hints at the cut of the sole with finesse.

Adjustable laces

Laces on top of our foldable ballerinas are more than a decorative element. They come with a grosgrain trimming and are adjustable, which allows you to adapt the ballerina up to half a size for your comfort. Thus, women wearing half-sizes have the possibility to take the shoe size above their usual size and then simply tighten the laces to adjust ballerinas.

Two vamp cuts

Bagllerina suits all tastes! Hence, the brand conceived two vamp cuts:
"Gorgeous": it highlights a hint of toe cleavage.
"Daily": it covers your toes.

We offer women a lot more than shoes. Bagllerina is the alternative for women who want to stay feminine while pursuing an active professional life. This lovely accessory can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Very practical and compact, you can fold and slip these foldable ballerinas into your handbag to replace your high heels in the blink of an eye and stay elegant all day, every day.