Our eco-friendly packaging

eco-friendly packaging

As part of our commitment to the environment, we are aware that every action counts and every step is important towards limiting our environmental impact. For this reason, we work to identify eco-friendly materials that meet both the packaging and transportation needs of your Bagllerina. As a result, we only use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

In this approach, we also consider essential to significantly reduce paper consumption resulting from our daily activities. Thus, we have decided that we will stop managing paper invoices for our e-shop orders. Therefore, we would like to inform you that you will no longer receive a paper invoice with your future orders starting from February 17, 2020. Nonetheless, you will be able to consult anytime the digital invoice sent to your email address with your order confirmation.

Thank you for your comprehension. Together, we’re committed to building on environmentally friendly initiatives through the efforts of our team.